Digital Marketing

We can design a digital social-media-platform posting campaign based on your marketing objectives. We will provide regular response reports and tweak campaigns as they progress for the best results.

Our services include:

  • Create a campaign based on your timeframe and budget using both organic and paid posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and TikTok.
  • Design all artwork, source content from sources or provided information and copy-write posts for the campaign including hashtags and call-to-action instruments. We can also provide on-site photography if required.
  • Create a custom landing page to direct customers to. This creates a separate channel to allow measurement of clicks and behaviour.
  • We will add the post schedule to each social media platform on your behalf.
  • We will send you a weekly or monthly report showing the results of all interactions with the posts allowing you to correlate results with your internal sales and call/messaging experience and/or reporting.
  • We can also run a parallel email marketing campaign to a consenting list you provide with the same marketing message to give you multi-channel exposure.
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