Office and Admin Systems

You and your team need the right tools for the job.

Sympact can supply:

  • Microsoft 365 (previously called Office365) including Email, Sharepoint document storage and Online or Desktop versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.)
  • Bitdefender Internet and Email Security (Anti-Virus)
  • NordPass Business password generation and secure storage
  • Online Backups and Microsoft 365 Backups
  • Systemlink to join online systems together
  • SkyBase Customisable and Secure Online Database System - Download the brochure

Sympact can supply all of these services for a single monthly or annual fee as we are authorised resellers of each service. This also means superior support when it is required.

Efficiency Audit

Sympact can take a look at the ways you process information in your business, and can provide recommendations to speed it up, make it easier and cost you less.

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