IT Supply, Installation and 24/7 Support

Sympact has been providing enterprise-grade corporate technology support services for over 20 years for clients in a large range of industries including aviation, healthcare, mining, finance, law, winemaking and everything in between. Our mission is to ensure your office runs efficiently by using the right tools in the right way.

Sympact are experts in the provision of:

  • Workstations supply, monitoring and support (HP and Acer Business-Grade Computer Reseller)
  • Network infrastructure supply and support (TP Link, Cisco and Netgear Reseller)
  • Backup strategy and management (Microsoft 365 and Cloud/Off-Site/On-Site Backup Reseller)
  • Cloud Services (we are a Microsoft Partner and able to supply Microsoft 365)
  • Anti-Virus supply and management (Bitdefender Reseller)
  • Office Efficiency audits and strategies.

We can provide your entire IT systems and then support it. You only talk to us, and you only pay us - no third party hassles.

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