Sympact is an authorised domain name reseller and can register, renew and manage your domain name.

Sympact manages hundred of domain names for clients nationwide, offering the following services:

  • Domain Registration: We will register your chosen domain with the correct registration details to ensure you own your domain and have full control of its management.
  • Domain Drop Catch: If you're wanting a domain that is already registered, we can monitor to see if it ever expires and catch it before it is re-registered.
  • Domain Renewals: You will receive notifications of your domain expirations and manually renew them for you to ensure unwanted domains are not automatically renewed, and to renew domains that are critically important to your business.
  • DNS Services: Once a domain name is registered, it needs a place to live. Sympact can host your domain name for the purpose of a website or intranet, but can also manage the DNS of your domain for services such as Office365 or GSuite.

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