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Custom Software and System Integrations

Sympact's forte is creating solutions that work for your unique business requirements.

This can involve the following methodology:

  • Consultancy for off-the-shelf solutions
  • Connection between multiple cloud-based services to provide a full solution
  • Custom written software for your unique situation
  • A combination of the above

Our focus is always for a cost-effective solution that meets your current and future requirements.

Our software development team has been creating solutions for over 20 years. Here are some examples of our work:

Integrations and Connections:

  • Created linking software to join task management systems to the Xero online accounting system.
  • Added new features to the Xero online accounting system.
  • Built links between client's web forms and their Microsoft Exchange/Outlook email, contacts and calendar system.
  • Added new features to one of CItrix's online platforms.

Finance Industry Client Management System:

Created a system for a national mortgage aggregator to manage their clients, allow them to log-in and access confidential data as well as their individual financial statements. This system allows the client to upload their financial data in bulk with many automated steps allowing the client to save time and resources each month.

Salary Packaging System:

Sympact was asked to create a suite of management tools for a nationwide salary packaging company, including mobile apps, online reporting systems, client login access and support services.

Airline Management System:

Sympact was chosen by a NSW regional airline to create a complete booking management system. We met with the client and planned a speedy implementation strategy for the new airline. We created the online booking system, seat and yield management system for the administration staff, travel agent booking and commission system and designed, built and implemented Australia's first web check-in system.

Major Bank Email Newsletters:

Sympact was asked to create a bulk-mailing system for one of Australia's top 4 leading banks. We created a system based on their existing infrastructure but strategically progressed the system to a much more powerful solution, whilst maintaining functionality at all times. This system is still in use and has sent millions of emails to home loan customers over 10 years.


When the Victorian Government needed a quick solution to obtain an insight into their staff satisfaction, they came to Sympact for their solution. In a world before SurveyMonkey existed, we built a powerful online survey system with easy access to results for the administration team to view.

Other experience from our archives include:

  • Medical record keeping and pharmacy dispensing.
  • Point of sale system creation and lifecycle maintenance and improvements.
  • Document management system creation and upgrades.
  • Construction industry measuring and quoting tools.

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