Sympact offers the following services to ensure your web-based business tools are well cared for:

  • Web and Email hosting and management
  • Domain registration and renewal
  • SSL security certificate purchase and management
  • DNS hosting and management


  • System Design Reliability: The Sympact CMS website management system is used by hundreds of firms nationwide, and has been in place for well over 9 years, giving a track record of reliable and secure operation.
  • PHP PDO SQL Query system that enforces paramterisation in order to prevent SQL injection.
  • No client-specific FTP access.
  • User passwords are encrypted before being stored.
  • Secure Socket Layer protection: Any data entered into your website and transmitted to the hosting server is encrypted using 2048-bit signed SSL certificates. Credit card details also have an additional AES-256 encryption applied prior to submitting through the SSL.
  • Email Notifications (Optional): Instead of sending the content of your website's form submissions, the CMS will simply send you a notification to view the responses through an SSL protected secure log-in area.
  • Individual Administration Users: You can establish log-in accounts for any staff that requires access to edit the website content. All changes to published data is audited with roll-back capability. All deletion and transmission tasks (such as sending email newsletters) also require an authentication password over and above the user's log-in credentials.
  • Any clients that you grant access to are controlled with a comprehensive access level regime with individual content available for specific users.
  • File Location: All sensitive documents are located behind the public website folder, using php scripting to authenticate access prior to serving the document.
  • Your hosting server uses a hardware RAID configuration of enterprise grade hard drives, enterprise level processors and mainboards. Should a hard drive fail, a hot-swap of the failed drive can be performed without any downtime. NAS backups are also taken daily.


Sympact's data centre network provides extensive resilience through the use of multiple diverse network carriers, multiple fiber carriers and four (4) failover / redundant BGP border routers. The network design removes single points of failures wherever possible and introduces N+1 design principals. Switching fabric is 10GE and 1GBPS utilizing Rapid Spanning Tree to ensure layer 2 redundancy. Firewalls use statefull failover to secondary HSRP devices. The centre's quality management systems are ISO9001 certified, and the centre itself is a Tier 3 Datacentre - Certified and qualified to achieve industry leading redundancy and fault tolerance.

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Main Supply:

  • Power to all hosting systems is conditioned and supported by 4 high capacity UPS.
  • Power is distributed through multiple Power Distribution Units (PDUs).
  • The environment is supported via a high capacity generator supply
  • In the event of an interruption to mains supply, power loads will be temporarily supported by UPS battery power while the on-site generator is engaged. If the interruption is brief, the power loads will remain supported by the UPS, otherwise the power loads will be automatically transferred to the generator supply.

Air Conditioning:

  • The Melbourne IDC has 18+ process cooling units, of which four are separate air cooled units.
  • All air conditioning units are supported by the emergency power backup systems.

Building Management

  • The Melbourne IDC has a Building Management System (BMS) that provides automated control and monitoring of all building services and environmental support systems.
  • Critical functions are alarmed and monitored 24x7 by staff for immediate intervention and control.
  • Critical environmental services are continuously monitored.
  • The Environmental Management System is ISO14001 certified.

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Fire detection systems installed in the Melbourne IDC include Passive Smoke Detectors (under floor, ceiling and above ceiling), Thermal Detectors (under floor, ceiling and above ceiling) and VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus). The fire detection systems are integrated with the BMS, and monitored by the NOC.
  • VESDA detects early signs of smoke particles within the data centre by actively sampling the air.


  • Physical and electronic security is managed by the Security/Administration office.
  • Entry into the Data Center for visitors and customers is via the Main Reception which has a staffed Security Station. Access is strictly by appointment.
  • Customer security cages in the Data Hall are individually keyed. Issuing of keys is controlled by the Security/Administration office.
  • CCTV cameras are continually active
  • The site has ASIO T4 certification.
  • In 2006 the site obtained the ISO 27001 certification.

Cabling Topology & Data Providers

  • Multiple telecommunications carriers are used to supply the external data communications links, enabling external connectivity redundancy. Currently these providers are Vocus Connect, Pipe Networks, Verizon and UECOMM
  • Category-6 cabling is used throughout the facility, and fibre-based connections can be used between the Data Hall and Node.
  • All cabling is laid in suspended trays that run under walkways between the caged areas. This design allows ready access for laying new cables to a new or existing cage, without having to enter a customer's caged area.
  • Power and data are segregated as per Australian electrical and telecommunications installation standards.