Bookings and RSVP: Add RSVP forms to record bookings, and collect any information required. RSVP fields allow number of guests and additional guest names to be included. Once submitted, a reminder email is sent, and another will be sent the day before the event. Capacity is calculated and bookings not allowed once capacity reached.

Ticket Sales: If the event requires ticket purchase, the RSVP form preceeds a shopping cart which will take payment for the event, and automatically email a tax invoice and confirmation.

Invitations: The HTML email system is used for sending invitations, with links to the RSVP booking system. A follow-up system allows additional emails to be sent to people who have not yet booked.

Attendance Recording and Reporting: A guest list can be printed, or used on a device at the event (works best on an iPad or tablet). Guest lists can show payment status. Attendance can be recorded at the event, or after the event. Post event attendance reports can be produced in Excel or PDF formats.