Access Control: Control the access to the intranet in the same was as you control your client login system. Create as many groups of intranet users as you require, and each of them will see different levels of information when they log in.

Secure Content: Add any type of content to your intranet, only viewable by your staff. Add video training or messages, news articles, blog posts (that can be commented on by your staff to encourage collaboration), and a range of calendars with events including Outlook or iPhone downloads and meeting RSVP forms.

Document Storage: Store files required for staff to download and use regularly wherever they may be (even though their mobile device).

Email Tools: Send a complex email with attachments to a prospective client by simply entering the client's name and email address into a web form (on a computer or mobile device). The system will personalise the email based on the information entered and sent it automatically.