Allow people to log in: Allow users to log in and view restricted pages and articles. View personal information and private (per user) files and pages. Add as many log-in levels as you like. Users can be assigned to as many log-in levels as required. Users can log in on mobile devices using their phone number and PIN for quick easy access.

Update own information: Allow your users to update their own contact and demographic information. They can also update their password and mobile PIN, view their purchase history, loyalty points, credits, and an unlimited number of customised fields. Automated forgotten password system.

User Management: Through the CMS you can reset passwords, change what each user can see and edit, assign users to group, assign users to access levels, add expiry dates, change permissions for logging in and receiving email newsletters.

Location Logins: If your users are all in one geographical location, you can use the IP address login system to allow entry to restricted areas by simply being in the nominated location.