Measure Up! Your website is an asset that needs to perform in a certain way to assist you in meeting your business' goals. The Sympact CMS recognises the importance of this and doesn't simply let you manage your website, but reports your website's performance.

Performance Indicators: Enter a number of weekly goals you want your website to achieve. Each week you will be emailed an easy to read report showing your successes and failures.

Weekly Report:The weekly report is an automated email report of your visitor statistics, including a weekly website activity report on forms submitted, articles edited, items purchased, email campaigns sent, calendar bookings made, social media posts transmitted, new users added to the database and number of client logins.

Sympact Consultancy: Sympact spend a lot of time researching the general IT industry as well as its application to your business and market. We can regularly recommend new practices and tools to help your website meet its goals.